When everything seems to be going our way, we go and make a decision that makes the world as we know it to cease. We decide to have a baby! Don’t get me wrong, I love mine to death and could not imagine my life without him, but whatever were we thinking? Could we just not get a dog like everybody else?But even with the day old tee-shirt and hair washed only once in the past week you know you won’t have it any other way! Your baby means everything to you and you want nothing but the best for him. Hell you ‘ll bring down the stars and the moon just to see that smile with the one tooth sticking out, But unfortunately in most situations your bank account drags you down back to reality.

As young parents with a fixed income and possible older children to take care of it is indeed quite a struggle to dump the amount of money an average parent spends in order to purchase the baby essentials. Generally bassinet is not considered important as the baby outgrows it soon anyway but what if you already have a toddler occupying the cot or if the baby is too fragile to co-sleep. Thinking of buying one? Don’t because we do baby bassinet hiring too.

A baby typically needs a car seat, a stroller, a cot and a feeding chair without taking into count the monitoring devices, safety gates and baby bouncers. Imagine having to pocket out all this and by god’s grace you do manage to pull through where will all of this go once you are done with them? We offer you the perfect alternative with our baby equipment online.

With us not only will you save a truck load of money not having to buy a list of baby items a yard long, you can also bail out on the aftermath all this will create once the baby is through with it. , we hope that the option for a baby stroller rental or a child car seat rental rather than having to purchase all of them for crazy expensive prices will help you spend quality time with your baby rather than having to get a second job so he can have one. By partnering with us you will also be helping a local business and do your part not to add in more junk into the environment, I’d love to stay and explain that a little more but in a nutshell it means ‘’reusing is recycling and recycling is good. For you, me and the whole world’’.