How To Help Your Children Adjust When Moving

Moving to a new place can be exciting but also overwhelming and stressful for you and your kids. A different environment and a new school can be hard because they have to adapt themselves and change their routine. But there are ways to help them cope so that things will be smoother.

Getting Ready

Inform your children as soon as possible about the move as this will give them time to process the information and react. Let them know things will be changing and how positive the new move will be for your whole family. However, be being honest without sugar coating the negative changes or else they will figure things out the hard way. You might have to deal with some anger and sadness from them since they did not get to make the decision to move. That loss of control feels unfair to them. Get them involved in the moving process in small ways to make them feel more at ease, like picking out a new paint colour or new furniture for their room. It is even better if you can visit the new neighborhood with them and show them around the place they will be calling home soon.

Make things easier

If both of you are working full-time consider finding day care or kindergarten services early on. Get online and find out about a kindergarten. You can try relocating during the summer holidays, as you can enroll your kids in educational programs and activities to help them socialize and get familiar with the surrounding before school starts.

After the Move

Places like Melbourne are different from more suburban areas. As a parent, do get involved in community activities with your children or take them to visit local sights, restaurants or tourist attractions. If you have younger children, do try to get them involved in a playgroup with other children in the neighbourhood. As mentioned in our previous example, you can enroll them in a Rockhampton day care that has fun music or art programs as focusing on creativity will keep them occupied.


Pay a visit to your old town or neighbourhood to see old friends and go to places the kids loved. This will be good for them to keep happy memories and be in touch with their friends. Relocating is a big change for a family, so stay positive and take things as they come.