How To Make Your Home Safe For Babies?

Having a baby can completely change your life. Your home will transform from its pristine neat environment into a war zone and your lifestyle will undergo many changes including sleep and work schedules, vacations etc. One important thing to consider is safety. Your house has to be baby proofed because they can get to all sorts of trouble the second you take your eyes off them. Babies are very inquisitive and always ready to explore the world around them. We will be highlighting a few tips on how to baby proof your home in this article.

Safety from burns

If you live in a cold country you will probably have radiators in the house. Make sure that your baby can’t touch them as they can run quite hot. Same goes for fireplaces. You need a securely fixed fireguard. You have to make sure that you don’t leave hot drinks lying around where the baby can get to it. Another thing is bathing. It’s generally accepted to have a comfortable water temperature. To ensure this put cold water first and check the final temperature with your elbow before putting the baby in.

The kitchen is not a good place for a baby. Keep the entrance barred. It’s better to have the child in the playpen or a high chair when you cook. You can put the playpen in a specific area with high visibility. Maybe you can put up some baby wall stickers to spruce it up and create an awesome look. You have to make sure the baby is occupied. Also, make sure the smoke alarms work.

Falling hazards

Babies can get into all sorts of mischief when left unattended even for a small amount of time. This is especially true when they start to crawl or walk. You need to put safety gates across doorways to any room you don’t want the baby in and also the top and bottom of stairs. It’s better to use a safety gate that is safely secured such as one that can be screwed into the wall. But once you deem him/her capable, teach them to climb the stairs.

Windows need to have locks. But they also have to be versatile enough to be opened easily in case of fire. The nursery has to be carefully designed to avoid safety risks. You can have a beautifully decorated nursery that is also safe. For convenience, you can order removable wall art online that you can change every few months.

Choking hazards

Check the area near the ground that is accessible for the baby for any small items that he/she could ingest. This also includes strings and ribbons. When it comes to windows, make sure that the cords dangling from blinds and curtains are kept out of their reach. Plastic and polythene bags have to be kept out of their reach.

Cuts and scrapes

Furniture and fireplaces tend to have sharp corners. Make sure that you fix corner protectors to dampen the effect of the baby running into it. A low budget option for this is sponges. Freestanding units have to be firmly secured to the floor in case the baby reaches out and pulls them down. Sharp objects have to be kept out of reach.